[VIDEO] The story behind ‘No Enemy’ by No_Audio

The Italian prodigy duo No_Audio released their first track “No Enemy” with Epic247 in November this year. The ambitious and hardworking duo tell the story of how this release came to live in their latest video.

The dj’s and producers Giorgio and Stefano are from the mountainous area around Turin, Italy. The duo is highly passionate about electronic music and have been dj’s and producers for about 10 years. Last May they heard about the remix contest of “Unboring the Future” together with the producer community 789ten.com and decided to participate. “The idea of remixing a track made by Shapov and Magnificence excited us because these two artists are major inspirations for us, and we admire them for their huge work”. They took part in the contest because the possibility to remix Unboring the Future was a big opportunity for them. Next to that it enabled the boys to work with the Epic247 label. “We love the music and the content that this label and its artists have. So we basically couldn’t miss out on this contest since it was actually perfect for us”.

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Moreover, the remix contest which originated out a partnership between Epic247 and 789ten had stimulated the duo even more, since 789ten is a company which is synonymous with quality and innovation and on this platform, you can find the right sound for each production and also very useful tutorials to improve your technique by learning tricks and tips from the best artists around.

The idea for their remix (Unboring the Future red.) was born in one afternoon, in their studio in Italy. “We love the energy of electro house music and at the same time we like to use the harmonies and arpeggios typical of progressive music”. One month after the delivery of the remix, Robin from Magnificence announced the duo’s third place in the competition.

The duo received feedback and coaching sessions with the Epic247 team, which was, according to them a very friendly, interesting and professional conversation. The Epic247 team provided them with useful feedback/advice and the wonderful news Epic247 wanted to sign “No Enemy” as a single on Epic247 Recordings. Interesting note, a great inspiration for this track came from the “Magnificence pack vol1” by 789ten, thanks to which we finalized the track in the best possible way.

“It was a huge satisfaction to sign our track on Epic247”.