[OUT NOW] Julian Snijder releases 3-track ‘Vision EP’ on Revealed.

Julian Snijder comes with a trio of irresistible releases for his ‘Vision’ EP on Revealed. The Dutch DJ & Producer meanwhile established a decent name in the industry has quite some successful projects to his name already. The ‘Vision’ EP, released on august 14th, again enables Julian to take big steps. 

The EP opens with ‘My Mind’, a boisterous yet grooving track which rises temperatures with rippling, otherworldly synths that nod to 80s style cinema with its atmospheric offering, building up and winding to an apex that nods to the electro and the progressive with a lively take.

Diving into deeper sounds, on ‘Losing It’ he delivers an undeniably climatic slab of productive prowess, digging into deeper, underground-leaning methods of creation as riveting synths flutter and bass notes chug to bring a robust bite as the pitched vocal boomerangs atop the punchy, brooding slice of dance.

‘Bad Love’ is the final instalment, a force to be reckoned with that acts like the closing act of a storm in a teacup, first enticing the listener with a moody, barley-there vocal delivery that weaves before stuttering into double-time beats and synthlines that build and topple over into the abyss, hugely heavy and uncompromising in its ravaging, racing elements; it’s the cheery on the cake of the latest collection of works from Julian Snijder, as creatively polished as you’ve heard him yet.