Release info Ruben de Ronde & Kay Wilder – Away From You

Ruben de Ronde & Kay Wilder – Away From You

Song: Ruben de Ronde & Kay Wilder – Away From You
Label: Epic247 recordings
Releasedate: October 27th, 2023
Releaselink: https://bfan.link/away-from-you-247

Ruben de Ronde and Kay Wilder release their long anticipated ‘Ultra Miami’ vocal progressive trance single ‘Away From you” on Epic247 Recordings.


Dutch producers Ruben de Ronde and Kay Wilder join forces for their new single ‘Away From You’, together crafting a strong emotional and yet energetic bass driven progressive trance and melodic techno gem. Being premiered by Ruben de Ronde himself during his Ultra Miami set in March of 2023, ‘Away From You’ has grown out to be one of the steady picks in Ruben de Ronde his live sets during the 2023 festival summer, including live plays at Tomorrowland, Untold and Sunrise Festival.

Serving the finest in progressive & trance to millions of fans and listeners across the globe every week being the host of ‘A State of Trance’ radio, Ruben de Ronde is considered as one of the biggest influencing artists in today’s electronic music landscape. With strong recent releases under his belt, including the new ASOT Festival 2024 anthem ‘Destination’ together with Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten and Rank 1, ‘The Distance’ with 88Birds and ‘Bliksem’ together with Ben Gold, now, Ruben de Ronde selected the talented Dutch producer Kay Wider to join forces in the studio to create a vocal and bass driven progressive gem.

Quote Ruben de Ronde:Earlier this year my eyes and ears already fell on the new direction Kay Wilder gravitated into, and when he approached me with the first bits of the song, it was a no brainer for me to jump on this. I already had the pleasure playing this on festivals like Ultra Miami and Sunrise in Poland, and the track really moves people in the right way.

Dutch producer and label honcho Kay Wilder impressing the fans and followers of the melodic electronic music spectrum, with his recent release waves, including his ‘The New Dawn EP’ on Paul van Dyk his VANDIT Alternative imprint and recently reviving the renowned High Contract Recordings by BeYourself Music with a strong release streak, including ‘Los Muertos’, ‘Creatures of the Night’ and ‘Apollo’.

Quote Kay Wilder:Getting the change to produce and release ‘Away From You’ together with Ruben is such humbling experience. Knowing Ruben from many years, we started the project back in early 2022, with me sending my early draft of the project to Ruben, which immediately got Ruben his attention. Our creative visions aligned perfectly about the feel and vibe we wanted to deliver with the song, so we just took our time in the studio to finalize the idea, which became the song that we release today.

Ruben de Ronde and Kay Wilder their ‘Away From You’ is out now via Epic247 Recordings: The Dutch electronic music imprint Epic247 Recordings entered the music industry as a indie record label in 2019 and since than releasing music from stand out artists in today’s electronic music, including Thomas Newson, Shapov, Laura van Dam, Magnificence and many more. The Epic247 Recordings team strives on pushing a new generation of producers and creatives to the front of electronic music. Continuing that vision, they now bring Ruben de Ronde and Kay Wilder on the imprint with ‘Away From You’.

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